What is MDReports?

MDReports is a set of tools to define and view a report based upon RDF data.

Why RDF?

RDF is opening a great scenario for the Web: interchange, interoperability, good reasearch, scalability... etc. The future of data exchanging is RDF.

We believe RDF will be a new layer between Application layer and Data layer.

Does MDReports support only RDF?

In the mind of the authors MDReports will also support SQL and XML data sources.

Who are the authors?

They are also known as The B3B group.

How MDReports looks like?

It will come with two main components:

  1. A set of Eclipse(TM) plug-ins to import data, query and editing reports. Several plug-ins will be provided to import data from the strangest
  2. A set of client utilities:
    • A stand-alone applicaton to generate reports.
    • A server application to publish reports on the Web.

What about requirements?

To view a report in a window you'll need a Java Virtual Machine.

To view a report published on the Web you'll need only a browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer.

To edit a report you'll need Eclipse(TM) Platform.